Welcome to part two of my Travel Like A Local Guide, the Sardinia edition. For those of you not familiar with this slice of paradise, Sardinia is the second-largest island situated upon the Mediterranean Sea. The location alone makes it a must during a European Summer, not to mention the endless coastline dotted with pristine beaches and crystal clear water. An island of salt water & Aperol Spritz.

Much like the Amalfi Coast, this Italian island tends to get quite crowded during its Summer peak. Visiting during the months of May-June will ensure you make the most of the warm weather without vying for a spot on the sand.

Sardinia is served by three separate airports, two up the North and one down South. Taking the four hour journey from top to bottom into consideration, we decided upon flying into the island's capital, Cagliari. After much research, I discovered that even though this southern city was brimming with culture, good food and incredible architecture, it wasn't as touristy as its counterparts. Finding an Airbnb the day before arriving was actually a breeze. Don't judge me, I like to be flexible when I travel. On  overage, we looked at spending roughly €65 a night for a stunning two bedroom apartment in the city centre.  

Flights to Cagliari from Europe come fairly cheaply, even during the peak season. Having booked our flights from Berlin the day prior (I can feel you judging me even more), our total cost (including checked in baggage) sat around €90. If you're an incredibly organised human, you can score the same route for as low as  €16.99. When exploring the island of Sardinia, it's imperative that you hire a car. Buses are almost non-existent and taxis don't come cheap. Considering that the coastline stretches over 1,849km, you're going to want to discover it at your own pace. Booking online and collecting your car at the airport will save you a lot of time (approximately 1.5 hours to be more precise). It also doesn't hurt to get the extra insurance, Sardinia isn't exactly known for it's smooth, straight roads.

Where do I begin? When it comes to beaches, you're utterly spoilt for choice. Cagliari is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking locations Europe has to offer. One particular beach that is well worth the trek, is Cala Fuili. A journey North up the island will lead you to the windy hill down to Cala Gonone. Upon arrival, you'll notice the side of the road filling up with parked cars. The second you see a vacant stretch, take it. A stroll to the end of the road and a small hike down the stairs on the cliff will lead you straight to heaven. Or what I assume heaven looks like. The quartz rock beneath the soft waves produces a bright blue glow that I've never witnessed before (not even in the Caymans). Be sure to come fully equipped as you won't find a single vendor on this little stretch of paradise.

Of the copious amounts of pizza that I consumed in Italy, Cagliari was actually home to my absolute favourite. Pizzeria Floris is a small, unassuming, hole-in-the-wall style restaurant with friendly staff and a mouthwatering menu. Don't be deterred by the crowds, this one is well worth the wait. A large pizza will only set you back around €6 and to be entirely honest, it may just change your life. I highly recommend warming up your tastebuds at Osteria Paradiso with one or two of their signature spritz.  

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