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There are two types of people that roam this earth: those that have the ability to glance over a menu and know exactly what they want to order within a heartbeat and those that sit there panicking, biting their lower lip furiously, all the while tossing up between dishes until, finally, the waitstaff arrive to take the order and they blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. I am unfortunately the latter. Don't ever take me out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The only thing I can order with confidence is a coffee. Today, for the first time in a long time, my inability to order was no longer an issue. Upon arriving at Paramount Coffee Project with Hannah-Rose and Madeleine, I scanned the menu to check for any "unappealing" dishes. Much to my delight, I couldn't make out anything that I didn't want to immediately drool over. I knew that in my last-minute panic, I could do no wrong. In fact, I probably ended up ordering one of the most delicious meals - french toasted cinnamon doughnut topped with apple and crème fraîche. I chose to accompany the dish with a ridiculously refreshing iced rose tea. JUST LOOK AT IT GUYS. It even came with little iridescent sprinkles that made me feel like I was 5-years-old. This is the moment that I'd like to be able to dust off my shoulders and pretend that I knew what I was ordering before the words even fell from my mouth, but alas, that would be a lie. Sure, okay, I really suck at ordering food, but today my friends, I lucked out. Hardcore. 
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