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For Halloween this year, Jack and I decided to dress up as seapunks. If you (like most of the party's attendees) are unsure of what I'm referring to, please do educate yourself by reading this delightful article, here. To achieve the seapunk look for yourself, begin with sequins. Lots of sequins. Sadly, my bottom half is not visible in the picture above, but I've attached a run through of exactly what I wore at the end of this post. As you can see, my skirt resembled that of a mermaid's tail. As Jack wasn't all that comfortable with the notion of wearing a skirt, he ended up rocking my sequinned Made by Makers Zeppelin tee (better than I ever could). If you really want to immerse yourself in the trend then by all means, dye your hair pink, purple, green, teal, aqua or all of the above. For those of you that want something a little less permanent, then grab a packet or two of Scunci Hair Chalk. Considering that we both have rather dark hair, I didn't think it was going to even work, but with a few experiments we discovered that for a seriously intense look, you merely need to crush the chalk up, add a dash of water and rub it through your hair. Add a crop top, a bindi (or ten) and an inflatable dolphin to carry around at all times, and you have yourself a seapunk. 
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