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Two things that I never thought I'd do: get a Michael Kors watch and post two outfits in a row. Now I've gone and done both in one go. I know, it's crazy hey? The first was made possible thanks to Status Accessories and to be honest, I think I'm in love. The classic style and versatility of the watch has me finally understanding why they're so incredibly popular (especially within the fashion world). Rather than rubbing my new arm candy in your faces while you stare at your empty wrist in despair, I thought I'd share some rather exciting news with you - Status Accessories happens to be hosting a competition to win a $500 voucher on their Facebook page. THAT MEANS YOU AND I COULD BE TWINSIES. Totes frothing. The competition will close quite soon but entering is ridiculously easy, in fact I'm almost positive a 3 year old could do it (especially one of those freaky babies that sits in its pram playing with it's mum's iPhone). And just for some motivation, here's a picture of the watch in a bowl full of jewellery. Tumblr, eat your heart out.
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