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Taken by Nicole Cooper.
Let it be said now that I like to collect things. Candles are certainly no exception to that. I have a full-blown assortment of melts, tea lights, sticks, pillars and even a diffuser or two. If you couldn't already tell, I love to surround myself with beautiful scents, so when I stumbled across Palm Beach Collection while interning, I kind of fell in love. With a Lemongrass candle already in my possession, I'm thinking of expanding my ever-growing collection with the addition of a Blood Orange or a Wild Peony. Heck, I'll probably end up getting both. With the launch of their e-boutique coming up over the next few days, I decided to interview the siblings (Kirsten and Mike) behind the label to get a better insight into their lives and their product. 

What was it that inspired you both to start up Palm Beach Collection four years ago?
We are so inspired by the area that we grew up in and the lifestyle we both love and enjoy. It was such a gift to have the opportunity to work with family, it has brought us closer together.

Describe Palm Beach Collection in 25 words or less.
Palm Beach Collection is created with love. We are a family team that had a dream of working together and we made it real. Our collection reflects just that.

How do you come up with each scent combination for your candles and diffusers, and which is your favourite?
We have travelled extensively around the world and have given ourselves the opportunity to experience different trends in fragrance. We use our ideas to bring together simple and enjoyable scents that reflect our surroundings like my favourite candle “White Rose & Jasmine”. I remember mum having jasmine in our yard when we were growing up and smelling grandma’s rose garden, I never forgot these things. We use fragrance to inspire memories and experiences, everyone has their own and that is what makes it so special. 

What are your candles made from and roughly how long is the process of creation?
Our candles are made from eco-friendly Soy wax and natural oils, these are hand poured, cooled and then packaged. We pour our candles in fragrance groups that take roughly 1 hour.

And finally, tell me where you’d love to see yourself and the brand in the next five years?
Wow, looking at how far we have come in the past few years it is hard to tell where we will be. We would love to be established in EU, Asia and USA. Representing Australian made products in the international market would be fantastic. We would love to take our online store to an international level as well.

Make sure you head on over to their website to sign up to their mailing list, that way you'll be notified the second the e-boutique launches! 
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