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Ladies and gentlemen, meet Gertrude. She likes long walks on the beach and holding hands at sunset. Seriously though, these beautifully crafted shoes by The Horse come with their own name and their own backstory. In fact, all of their shoes do. When these sweet babies landed on my doorstep, they were accompanied by a handwritten note and a paper bag filled with gobstoppers. So cute it hurts, right? (On a little side note: I may or may not finished them all of the gobstoppers by the end of the day. I can confirm that they were delicious.) Once Sydney's severe weather decides to calm down, I'll be sure to snap some pictures of me being as adorable as humanly possible in these stunning slip-ons. This is a rare occasion, so get excited people.


  1. It is a rare occasion! Im excited for you to wear these - they are super! Dear weather, pls pls pls let the pity party be over so Nicole can wear these. haha xx

  2. Gobstoppers! Old school! And yay shoes! I'm still trying to hunt down a pair of The Horse black crossover type sandals in my size. I forget what they are called but they are always sold out so hopefully if I spend this entire winter searching I will come up trumps by the time summer rolls around haha.

  3. Those shoes are amazing! Can't wait to see you rock them (:

    xx Nicole

  4. I love these shoes. Completely gorgeous! Sun is supposed to be out on friday, yay!

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  5. Amazing shoes. I adore the name. The Horse make such sweet designs. Can't wait to see you rock them out.

    Christie x

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