Taken by Nicole Cooper.
Whether I'm sitting on the scorching sand drinking a refreshing lemonade or rugged up in a chunky knit and chasing the cold water as the tide goes in and out - I love the beach all year round. Most people only visit the seaside during the warmer months, but even as we slowly move into winter, I still crave the ocean. Who doesn't love throwing on a beanie, wrapping their hands around a thermos filled with hot chocolate and watching the waves crash onto the shoreline? No? Just me then. 
Poseiden by Sures.


  1. Beautiful image, Nicole. There's such a quiet serenity to this photo that it truly takes my breath away. I don't usually crave the sea during winter ... but I think you've convinced me otherwise. :)

    <3 Mandy xx

  2. Love the beach in the colder months. One of my favorite posts you've ever done and I really do love them all :)

  3. Wow I also love to be on the beaches whole year really but I don't go there in the winter season though I want to go a lot...It is really great to find a similarity here with you...Good to know!!

  4. I love the way the people here interact and shared their opinions too. I would love to rack your future posts pertaining to the said topic we are able to read.


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