A selection of photos from my instagram, @nicolecooperr.
Three words I never thought I'd say: I have instagram. Finally, I'm a cool kid now! You can follow my adventures (i.e every single meal that I eat) by searching the username @nicolecooperr. The sole purpose of this post wasn't just to inform you of my exciting new app, but to also apologise for my absence over the past week. Surprisingly enough, I've been even more busy during my holidays than I actually was whilst at Uni. And now that I'm about to commence my final year of study, I've been even busier! Just to put things into perspective for you, I've been on four shoots in the past week and I still have two more over the weekend. I'm tired, I'm exhausted, but most of all, I am LOVING EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT. Get ready to be inundated with all new content folks! I can't wait to share every little detail with you all.
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