Wearing ASOS hat, Stolen Girlfriends Club bag, American Apparel shirt, Ishka neck plate and Cheap Monday jeans. Taken bMichaela Skovranova.
Summer has arrived. The past few days of the new year have been so exceptionally beautiful that it'd almost be a crime not to spend them at a pool/beach/body of water. Summer seems to be the only time of year that I can spend an entire day doing nothing and yet not feel like I've wasted a single second of my time. I'm seriously looking forward to days filled with friends, summer fruits, good books and a sneaky ice cream or two.


  1. The weather has been amazing recently - I love it!! I'm looking forward to having a relaxing summer too, oh 2012 is gonna be good.

  2. I love that hat you are wearing, I wish I didn't miss out on it on ASOS! I've already had my fair share of ice-cream this summer but I dare say I could fit in a little more ;) xxx

  3. Jeez I still love that Asos hat, why did I never get it for myself? These are the questions. Love this outfit, and love that you utilise black boots in summer - if I tried that in Queensland my feet would likely drop off from the heat, haha xx


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