Photos taken on a Nikon D90 by yours truly.
Last Thursday evening I went to the launch party for Benah's film, Pale Ryder, which happens to be directed by Ben Briand (the guy who also created Apricot, one of the most beautiful short films pretty much ever made). The video above is just a teaser of what's to come, the full version will be available shortly! I was treated to the most delicious drinks and an incredible live performance by The Preachers, a band whose music you can download for FREE from their site. I always feel the need to write 'free' in capitals and I think it may be because it's just so darn exciting? Enjoy the FREE music and a random girl's fantastic Alexander Wang heels (aka the cape shoes) that I awkwardly asked to take a photo of.
P.s I'll be at Parklife in Sydney tomorrow so let me know if you're around, I'd love for you to come say hi!
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