To all my fellow single ladies out there: are you on the hunt for a massive hunk? Or even just a brand new wardrobe filled with the likes of MINKPINK, Cameo, Mad Love and more? Well today is definitely your lucky day because Market HQ have set up a rad new competition on their Facebook page that will not only give you the chance to meet the love of your life but on top of that, you'll be able to get your hands on $1,500 worth of their amazing gear. How, I hear you ask? Well the simple steps to wedded bliss and a hot new look are outlined below:
Image courtesy of Vanessa from Market HQ
I'm already compiling a list of single friends that I'll be nominating for the competition so the only hard part will be having to decide which contestant to set them up with. Now that we're all well educated on this competition, it's time to start playing cupid over on the Market HQ Facebook page! Oh and just a little side note, how fantastic does Em from Spin Dizzy Fall look on the left of the poster?
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