Taken on a Nikon D90.
Yesterday, MCMPR held a one day sample sale that sent many females rushing to Surry Hills for some serious bargains. I arrived around 10am to a crowded studio and managed to sift through racks filled with clothing from amazing Australian labels such as Sara Phillips, Zimmerman, Gary Bigeni and more. On my way out I noticed a glass case containing an array of MANIAMANIA jewellery and a little sign stating "All pieces $60". Before I knew it, I had the Reincarnation Ring in my hot little hands and a rather stupid grin across my face. Edit: I don't know if I'm the only one that finds it annoying but please do excuse my belt poking out from under my top!


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  2. Wow! I absolutely love your blog and may have just spent the last half hour going through your past pages until my hand feels like it may get RSI! I know exactly how it feels to be completely broke due to the horcrux that is my camera - I just ended 2 weeks of no-food, no nothing after spending my last 20.50 on a my-multi bus pass (complete splurge on camera flash... sigh. Camera does not = food) so please don't feel that you're the only one! I actually know Margaret, who is beautiful in so many ways, and am was so excited to see her on your blog! I am so excited for the both of you heading to New York next year - I was there at the exact same time this year and it is absolutely magical. You will take amazing photos, I already know! Can't wait to see your future work, I'm sure our paths will cross soon - actually looking at the 'constantly reading' list on the left here, I'm surprised we haven't met yet! Hopefully very soon!

    Vanessa x.

  3. Damn! You Sydney-siders get all the good sales.
    That belt comment made me laugh. I always pick out things like that on my own photos. What can you do? haha.

    P.s- seriously agreeing with the comment above. It's the WORST being a poor student trying to make it in the fashion industry. You will totally get there one day though!!!!


  4. yes exactly what Christie said! feck you Sydney peeps getting all the perks!! ;) i want it!!!!! xx

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