Taken on a Nikon D90.
Believe it or not, but this is the very first "real" perfume that I've ever owned. It was actually given (yes, GIVEN) to me yesterday and I am ever so grateful. Over the years I've simply made do with simple, cheaper scents, but now that I have one of these bad boys in my life I don't think I'll ever be able to go back. I spent the majority of yesterday smelling my wrists because it was just that good. I'm sure people thought that I was either completely mental or on drugs.


  1. Love a bit of Daisy..so simple & classic. I'm such a scent addict..my dresser is scattered with a trillion half full bottles..I keep falling in love with more scents & their pretty bottles!

  2. Daisy is my all time favourite.
    Followed closely by Lola.

  3. You should never have to buy perfume for yourself- it's best when it's gifted anyway! And beautiful photography :)

    Loving your blog btw. xxx

  4. Oh I'm in the exact same boat! Never have I bought myself a 'proper' perfume before, but was recently gifted ck shock by two of my best friends for no reason other then they knew I'd love it! Can't live without the scent now. And Flawless photography as always Nicole xo

  5. haha i love the way you write! you probably had it right... because I am the one who has 12-15 almost full bottle of perfumes that i spent a bit on that will probably eventually evaporate.

    anywho... awesome choice =)


  6. I have the same perfume! I am in love with it :)


  7. I like Daisy perfum! Is one of my favorite ;)

  8. This perfume is so wonderful.


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