Once again, I'm getting well ahead of myself by even looking at these pictures, but honestly, I just can't help how excited I am for spring to make its way back into my life. The way that Sydney's weather has been treating us lately has been rather poor and we deserve a favourable forecast every now and then. I'd just like the chance to frolic around in my deep pink, pleated linen dress that doesn't exist or looking wistfully into the lens of a camera whilst sipping on my cappuccino (I drink a cappuccino, not a flat white. Don't judge me). Anyone else feeling slightly similar or is that just me?


  1. I don't actually really know what the differences between any of the coffees are... i just like the taste of flat white.. hahaha.. i love the recent stuff on vanessa's site. so amazing. when she shoots with film it really makes my heart soar!


  2. the deep pink pleated dress is absolutely divine! I also clicked through and saw the back of the dress - breath taking!

    cannot wait for spring to show it's head again!

    x Lauren


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