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This DIY project is by far the most simple yet most amazing I have seen thus far. Yes, I just used the word 'thus', I'm still in essay mode ok? Oh who am I kidding, I write my essays last minute. Back to the topic though, this project only requires a denim shirt and bleach. It gets better my friends, because the only step is to soak the cuffs in the bleach overnight. I know what you're thinking and yes, that is truly it. Excuse me while I procrastinate by running to the thrift store for a denim shirt. 


  1. so great minds really think alike!! I spent all of monday looking up this kind of DIY online and then trying to figure exactly WHEN i could do it. i'm obsessed with dries and this is of course the ultimate ode to dries. I'm going to take one of my dad's shirts, do it, and then wear it under a belted sleeveless black coat to get the exact dries look haha! I am a genius!


  2. They truly must! I love that you've got it all planned out, it makes me want to find a shirt to bleach the life out of right now.
    I hope you'll post pictures when you're done, because it'll look absolutely spectacular!



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