Taken on a Nikon D90.
Yesterday I started off an internship with the Beauty Editor at an Australian magazine and basically spent the day trawling through the cupboards sorting and filing away the amazing products. The offices themselves are simply stunning and it took a lot of willpower for me not to set up camp in the corner and just live there. After a few hours of cleaning out the eyes/lips cupboard, I was allowed to take home a small bag of any doubled-up items that were left over. Lucky for me, there were multiples of quite a few products so it took a while for me to choose. Above is a picture of what I chose (plus a pair of false eyelashes). The Illamasqua lipstick is actually one that I recently purchased off ASOS, thanks to my lovely gift card, but I found the exact same shade within the cupboards, so I just had to add it in. Unfortunately, it had to be thrown away because it had been cut off near the base and only a small amount was left over. The good news is that I'm back there again next Tuesday doing odd-jobs to make Justine & Rosie's lives a little easier, and I seriously can't wait!
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