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I do have to apologise for my lack of posting. Long story short, I'm currently writing an incredibly overdue essay. Welcome to the life of an art student kids! Now the real reason for this post if of course the stunning orange fold-over leather clutch that you see before you. It sold out on Need Supply Co. a short time ago but I opted to be notified when it came back in stock and guess what? It's back! For US$130, this baby could be all yours. I'm still umming and ahhing over whether I need it or not (I do already know that the answer is no, I do not) but of course a girl can dream, right? 


  1. Ahh I enjoy your blog so much. This clutch is pure beauty.

  2. I would like to have this clutch even though I don't need it! Too bad I'm broke..

  3. Aww, thank you! I absolutely adore yours! I'm also loving the new header & your cute matching business cards.

    Nikki, I'm in the same boat. Sadly, the only leather clutch I could afford would be the American Apparel one and it doesn't come in a shade like this.


  4. Oh this colour is so lovely..I want..and yet I still can't afford either! :(

    Just found your blog, and I'm loving your style

    A x


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