This Valentine's Day I decided to do something a little bit different. I decided to step away from the pre-conceived notion that one is surprised with roses, chocolates, stuffed animals and/or romantic dinners by their significant other. Nope. Not me. Not this year. I decided that I was going to flip Valentine's Day on its head. On the 14th of February 2017, I finally realised that it was time to treat. yo. self. I went straight to the top of my wishlist and instead of spending hours umming and ahhing over the pieces sitting in my Michael Hill online shopping cart, I committed (pun intended).

It's a well known fact that I am a fiend for a gold necklace. On any given day, I can be found sporting upwards of six at once. So it really comes as no surprise that I decided I wanted to adorn myself in just one more. Why the heck not? World, meet the latest addition to the neck party, St Christopher. Suspended by the finest gold chain, he drapes himself proudly among the usual tangle that sits across my d├ęcolletage.

On the topic of obsessions, I also found myself drawn to a 10ct Gold Signet Ring that I've probably lusted over since the age of nine. Yes, it's taken me nearly 16 years but I finally decided that I needed it to be mine. Zero regrets. Just all of the gold.


These weeks gone by haven't been all that easy, slowed down by speed bumps in the three primary aspects of life - love, health and work. Encouraging myself to begin this collaboration with Samantha Wills seemed so far out of reach. It wasn't until Saturday morning when I woke up to the warm Autumn sun flooding through the window that I finally realised just how much I needed this. A day to celebrate summer. A time of year filled with sun kissed skin and a warmth that wraps itself around you. When long car trips down searing hot roads dotted in melted tar are a weekend norm. Ragged salt licked hair and bare faces are encouraged whilst clothing is not. Days dissolve into nights and temperatures barely waver. Summer Solstice - my favourite time of year.

Thank you to both Samantha Wills for getting me involved and to my girl Sophia De Vries for getting behind the camera for me.

No.1 - Alice McCall Dress, Samantha Wills 'Drew' Sunglasses
No.2 - Zimmerman Wrap Shirt, Zara Paisley Flares, Samantha Wills 'Grace' Marble Tort Sunglasses
No 3. - She Made Me Bikini Top, Sportsgirl Denim Skirt, Samantha Wills 'Luxe' Tort Sunglasses


“One belongs to New York instantly. One belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” - Thomas Wolfe. Sitting in the back of a taxi at 11pm, having landed in New York less than an hour earlier and the only thing running through my jet lagged mind was, "I could live here". I could barely even make out the silhouettes of the buildings in the darkness but the sea of lights drew me in. Although it's a city of concrete, overly stressed humans and not much else, it holds so much beauty and an energy that I just cannot explain. Being based in Tribecca at the Smyth - A Thompson Hotelhad me skipping out in the mornings to get my everything bagels smothered (read: seriously smothered) in cream cheese from Ground Support and sorting out my caffeine cravings with a cappuccino from Laughing Man Cafe. At nights, Ramen. Plenty of Ramen. Almost always from Momofuku. Days were spent shopping in Soho, wandering the picturesque streets of the West Village and trawling through the eight miles of books at The Strand. Maybe it's the food I pine after, maybe it's the golden light that filters in through the buildings, maybe it's the rainbow of Autumn leaves that litter Central Park or maybe it's just the city itself. The only thing I can say with utter certainty is that I will be back. Soon.

Images by Nicole Cooper


My failsafe outfit for Valentine's Day has always been and will probably always be just about anything black. This year I decided to soften the somewhat otherwise severe look with a smattering of necklaces and a pair of rose hued Ray-Bans from Sunglass Hut. The added bonus being that the latter successfully hides my I've-been-up-for-work-at-4AM-every-single-day-for-the-past-nine-days-straight eyes - commonly referred to as my 'freelancer eyes'. They're the perfect addition to any Valentine's attire or the ideal gift for your love. 
Images by Harry Peppitt and Nicole Cooper.


It's no surprise that I am a fiend for florals. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have discovered that fact many, many moons ago. I'm the kind of person that will halt, mid-stride and mid-conversation to lean over a fence and take a photo of a complete stranger's hydrangea bush*. A beautiful bouquet of fleurs can elevate just about any mood although I must admit that my favourite reason for receiving a picturesque little posy will always be, "just because". Online florist Fresh Flowers have been the perfect avenue for fulfilling my floral fantasies, delivering anything from a a rainbow of natives through to a box of Valentine's Day flowers with just a few simple clicks. Give me a week or two and my house will resemble a florist in no time at all. 
*This has well and truly happened before, I kid you not.

Images by Harry Peppitt


Surreal is being hired by Sass & Bide to capture behind the scenes imagery for their AW15 collection, The Dance of Fibonacci. Surreal is having the Sass & Bide team then choose a few of those images to use in the campaign. Surreal is having one of those chosen pictures printed in the shopfront windows. Surreal is then discovering those pictures whilst overseas in New Zealand, just as you stroll past the retail store. Needless to say, working with the team on their AW15 campaign (featuring Langley Fox and Aussie stunner Matilda Dodds), was absolutely mind blowing. For as long as I can remember, the brand has always produced such covetable collections with intricate beading and embellishments like nothing you've ever see before. This year, they've certainly delivered, yet again. Head on over to Sass & Bide to see more of the BTS & campaign imagery and get your hot little hands on the collection itself. Added bonus: here's a pic of me being an ecstatic idiot outside the Sass & Bide NZ store. 

Imagery by Nicole Cooper



 photo _MG_0977_zpsc171fd5c.jpg photo _MG_1789_zps0e19afc3.jpg photo _MG_1331_zpsf194962e.jpg photo _MG_1711_zps72fdc2d4.jpg photo _MG_1879_zps7c1f3438.jpg
As promised, I present to you part two of Coops' Calendar 2015! I'm sure you'd all agree that Pirelli ain't got nothing on me rolling around in the sand like a freak. A huge thanks to Helen for putting up with my weirdness and also to XXXX Island for providing the killer scenery and an amazing time. Below is a little highlights video, enjoy mis amigos! ADIOS AND THANKS FOR THE TACOS!


 photo _MG_1522_zps84eaab91.jpg photo _MG_1666_zps10a50a04.jpg photo _MG_0736_zpsb62e4e5f.jpg photo _MG_1131_zpsd35bde03.jpg photo _MG_1049_zps9143dd64.jpg
Hey there my good lookin' peeps, welcome to 2015! To celebrate, I wanted share something amazingly stupid with you all. Enter, Coops' Calendar 2015 - Part I. I shot this bad boy late last year whilst staying on the ridiculously stunning XXXX Island as a guest of my old mate Helen Lee. The Island is located on the southern Great Barrier Reef, a short boat ride off the coast of Yeppoon and boasts some of the most breathtaking views I've ever laid eyes upon (particularly from the loo with a view. Yes, that is indeed a toilet. On a cliff). I spent four days with Helen, Kimmi & Sophia, snorkelling, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, fishing, drinking beer, shucking oysters and getting really, really blokey. To be honest with you, I loved every minute of it. Stay tuned for Coops' Calendar 2015 - Part II, I'll be posting the final six months along with a highlights video of our stay on the Island shortly. Adios mis amigos!

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